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My passion for education and academia, as well as my tutoring experience and skill, make me a great fit for you or your child's needs. Previously, I tutored subjects varying from AP Spanish to the SAT. I have supported several Masters candidates as they successfully worked towards their degrees, as well as college and high school students of varying disciplines.



Due to time constraints, I currently offer only professional proofreading and editing services. 


Current rate: $60/hour 


Student Reviews

For the past year and a half Lucy has tutored me in Spanish, math, English, religion, and SAT/ACT prep. She has taught me studying skills, writing techniques, and confidence.  Her ability to explain complex material in ways that made sense to me was extremely beneficial. Lucy guided me through my junior year when I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed. Lucy's compassionate and supportive advice alleviated my worries and motivated me. Separately from her as an amazing tutor she has also become someone I trust and look up to. Her intelligence and hardworking approach has inspired me. While working with Lucy, I always feel how much she cares and her commitment to making sure I completely understand. I have had many tutors in the past; compared to them, Lucy goes above and beyond. Not only did my grades rise, but I also developed a passion for wanting to learn and a new approach to my education.


Charlottesville, VA

Lucy is an amazing tutor and a wonderful person.  She really helped my daughter this year, and I'm sure my daughter would not have done nearly as well in school without Lucy's help.  Lucy helped my kid learn to break down big assignments into manageable parts, and her (my daughter's) writing improved dramatically with Lucy's help.  Plus, Lucy is just really great with people, especially quirky teenagers.


Charlottesville, VA

Lucy is an amazing tutor. Two sessions in and I'm amazed by her ability to critically analyze information, promote creativity, and provide helpful feedback. She's open minded, fun, and great at what she does! One of the best tutors I've had in a while.


Dallas, TX

I have a stubborn, difficult 18 year old. I turned the computer on and left the room. Getting him to sit down to study Spanish is more difficult than getting him to change his nephew's worst diaper - so when he came out of the office with such a great attitude and didn't complain at all, I knew Lucy HAD to have done a GREAT job.


Brandon, FL

Lucy is outstanding! My 9th grader loved her calm demeanor and guidance. She makes writing appealing. Lucy is knowledgeable and provided different outlook on the topics.


Gulf Breeze, FL

Lucy has been very helpful with my son, a freshman in high school. Right after their 1st lesson my son's comments were, "Mom, thanks for getting me a tutor. I understand so much more than I ever got out of my class." Best thing we ever did.


Charlottesville, VA

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