• Lucy Trieshmann

Becoming Powerful

Do you ever feel that buzzing in your chest — that fragile trembling of a new beginning, ready to burst open if only you’d give it the light?

It catches me off guard. I have myself so convinced that I’m undeserving of hope, an imposter who lucked her way into a life she never could’ve imagined. I’ve lived a few lives; the weight of each settles me into the shape of the person they’ve subtly built. For better and worse, I’m the product of my experiences.

I’m not sure we can ever move on from the adversity that constructed the fibers of our being, but I do believe we can move through it. Take what we need, leave what we don’t, continue striving for the best versions of ourselves. This is what defines who we are.

I’m choosing to embrace the hope I feel building inside me. To live fearlessly and never forget the road that brought me to where I am. To never take for granted the expanse of life ahead of me, just waiting to be lived into existence. To know my worth and not accept less.

I’m choosing to be me, and that means allowing myself to be powerful.

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